Frequently Asked Questions

What is Beam?
Beam is a service that makes it possible for patients to pay their in-network price for a remote consultation with any healthcare provider.
How do I sign up for Beam?
If you’re a verified physician on Doximity, you can get started with Beam by downloading our app at

Otherwise, feel free to contact us at

Is my information safe on Beam?

We take security very seriously at Beam. Our app is HIPAA-compliant and all of the video chats and patient information are encrypted. 

Are my patients going to be sold other products when they sign up to Beam?

Absolutely not. Beam is not an advertiser nor a promoter of sponsored content and/or products. 

Will my competitors have access to my patients on Beam?

Definitely not, providers who use the app have their own digital practice. Your patients can only be accessed by anyone you authorize.

Why should I use Beam as a doctor?

Beam allows physicians to supplement their earnings by having remote consultations with patients. You keep the patient copay and the reimbursement amount. Beam takes a $10 fee per consult so that we can offer live 24/7 support. 

How much can I earn with Beam?

Commercial insurers will generally reimburse between $70-$100 per video consult, while Medicare/Medicaid around $40-$60.  

The average in-network copay for a 15-minute video consultation is $30. 

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